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Become a Better Writer with Grammar Checker

Perhaps, you have just completed your feature article, research paper, dissertation or scholarship/grant application, and you are ready to submit it for approval. Impress your editor, professor, teacher or board with a finalized copy that is free of grammatical errors. Grammatical errors can take away from your work and decrease its credibility. With English sentence grammar checker, you can upload your file and receive 10 times more feedback on your paper, than with your word processor alone, so you can submit your document with confidence.

English Grammar Sentence Checker for Proper Vocabulary

One of the keys to effective writing is to ensure your language is appropriate to the situation and audience you are addressing. For example, in professional/academic situations, formal language is considered appropriate. Formal language relies on a careful, more accurate form of speech, also known as American English. With correct English grammar sentence checker, you can scan your professional/academic document for American English, so you get noticed.

Grammar Sentence Checker for Contextual Spell Checking

Many words in the English vocabulary have the same pronunciation, but different meanings, such as their, there and they're. The misuse of these words can be embarrassing. Grammar checker sentence scans your document for the improper use of these words, so your document is taken seriously.

Grammar and Sentence Checker for Subject Verb Agreement

Subjects and verbs must coordinate in number. For example, If a subject is plural, its verb must also be plural. Sentence checker for grammar, scans your document for advanced grammar rules including subject-verb agreement, misplaced modifiers and more, for smooth reading.

Sentence and Grammar Checker to Detect Plagiarism

Once your major document is complete, you want to be sure it is as original as possible. There are many commonly used words and phrases in the English vocabulary, that when used, can take away from the originality of your work, and in some cases, even classify as plagiarism. Sentence grammar checker can contrast your document against 8 billion web pages to ensure it as unique as possible.

English Grammar and Sentence Checker Compatible with Word and Outlook

Sentence checker grammar can be used with Word and Outlook as a convenient tool for students, professional writers, bloggers and more.


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